Our areas of expertise

System maintenance and safety are fundamental. Whether for industrial sites or electrical machines, most of the elements around us are subject to maintenance.

System maintenance and safety are therefore an integral part of our lives. They are based on scientific, technical, economic, social and human knowledge, making it possible to trace innovative perspectives within companies.

  • Design and implement environmental engineering solutions
  • Define, develop and justify a technical maintenance plan
  • Establish technical documents and draw up a set of specifications

Among the four specialties taught at Polytech Nancy, two are related to computer science. Students are able to carry out various projects, from the creation of customized programs and software to database management.

  • Realize web development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS), for showcase, merchant or custom website.
  • Realize software and web application development (Java, Python, C#)
  • Develop a mobile application (iOS, Android)

Mechanics and the study of materials are at the heart of the skills of our generalist school.

All business sectors, whether automotive, aviation, robotics or research and development, are involved in the design and manufacture of products, systems or structures.

  • Carry out mechanical and thermal studies
  • Design and print 3D parts
  • Carry out prototyping