Polytech Services Nancy

Winter National Congress 2018

The weekend of November 25 and 26 was held the National Winter Congress in Saint-Jean De Monts.
The latter brought together nearly 1000 Junior Entrepreneurs from all over France.
Throughout the weekend, they were able to benefit from training and exchanges with the four premium partners of Junior-Enterprises: Alten, EY, BNP Paribas and ENGIE, as well as the business partner: Saint-Gobain. They were also able to celebrate this weekend with two evenings bringing cohesion and good atmosphere.

Six Polytech Nancy students from Polytech Services Nancy attended the Conference. They were able to discover Junior-Enterprises and Junior Entrepreneurs from all over France but also to find the Junior-Enterprises of Lorraine and the Polytech network. For 4 of them, it was the first national congress and for the last two it was the second. I’ll let you find out how they lived their experience.

Matthew, Term Treasurer 1819: “It was my first National Congress for me and it was truly an incredible experience. I joined the team in June 2018 as treasurer and the training I received over the weekend really allowed me to improve and develop my qualities to meet the expectations of my position.
If I had any advice to give to students who are hesitant to do Junior-Enterprise, it would be: don’t hesitate, go for it! It’s a really fantastic student experience, you’ll already have a vision of what’s going on in a company and you’ll be taking part in the biggest French student movement. »

Quentin, President Term 1819: “For me this is my second year in the JE and luckily my second National Winter Congress. I loved my convention last year but the one was still on top. It is a unique opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, students and professionals. As President I had to attend the general meeting of the presidents of the Junior Enterprises of France. During this assembly, we were made aware of the latest news of the movement.
However it is not only the professional and formal side, especially with the 2 evenings. Admittedly we didn’t sleep much from the weekend but it was awesome.
The only advice I could give to students is to be part of an JE to live unique experiences, meet people from the four corners of France or discover the professional world. »

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