Polytech Services Nancy

Commercial Thibault Interview

What’s your mission?

My main mission is to bring back projects so that students can put into practice the theoretical courses seen at Polytech Nancy and to of course ensure the sustainability of the structure. To do this, I approach, analyze the need and sometimes negotiate with prospects. Once a client is interested, I work on drafting project documents to make a business proposal based on their need. Then, as soon as the client has signed the Study Agreement, the project can begin. My role will be to ensure the smooth running of the project by holding regular meetings with the student and the client.

What projects did you work on?

I have worked on several projects: Safer Produce Consulting and Socourt. The most interesting of these was the one for the town hall of Socourt. Polytech Services Nancy aimed to create an e-commerce website presenting the commune with a space for booking accommodation and fishing tickets, translated into English and German. Because of the scale and difficulty of the project, I had to listen to the client, very organized and make regular meetings to make sure the project went smoothly.

What does the JE bring you?

Being at the JE brings me a lot, both professionally and relationally. It allows me to take a first step in professional life with concrete cases at the same time as my studies. As a business manager, I am in contact with clients very often, which allows me to be more and more comfortable with them, which will help me in the near future to have internship opportunities. But above all, it allows me to discover new people and work as a team, which is going to be my daily life as a future engineer.

Why become a junior entrepreneur?

Becoming a junior entrepreneur offers several advantages. This allows us to discover how a structure works and to confront the professional world. In addition, being at the Junior-Enterprise allows, thanks to the boards of directors, to discover the tasks of all members of the structure, while giving his opinion on interesting topics.

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