Polytech Services Nancy

Nancy Polytech Services at the 2019 National Summer Congress

It was in Ardèche that the Team of Polytech Services Nancy went to attend the National Summer Congress, organized by the CNJE. For three days, the heads of each cluster were formed with companies such as Alten, BNP Paribas, Engie and EY. They also participated in workshops and took part in a gala evening. This 100th congress in the history of the CNJE was characterized by three days of exchange and sharing of experience which were greatly beneficial to us.

Wardi, pole project manager, greatly appreciated the reception he received. Sports games, he said, were a perfect introduction to the congress. Charlotte, secretary, will hold back her meeting with the engineering students of Polytech Nantes (Idesys) and Polytech Nice (Polytech Nice Conseil). This allowed him to see that the three junior companies had the same goal: to draw a future for the MEs of the Polytech network.

Polytech Services Nancy is always very committed to maintaining close links with other junior companies across France. We would like to thank the CNJE and its partners Engie, Alten, BNP Paribas and EY for the opportunity to attend this summer’s CNE. We would also like to thank Polytech Nancy warmly for allowing us to participate in this event which gives us the chance to make the school shine within the French ID.