Polytech Services Nancy

Polytech Nancy's 60th birthday

The 60th anniversary of Polytech Nancy was organized at the Prouvé Centre this Saturday 10/10/20! A day full of enriching activities for the psN members present that day.

The festivities started on Saturday morning at 10am, however the members of PSN have already visited the site several times, notably to prepare our stand, but also to help install the rest of the activities in order to welcome the public in the best possible conditions during this period of health crisis related to the covid-19.

The day was broken down into several events, open to the public or reserved access.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., three events were open to the public:

  • First, the Innovation Village aimed to highlight innovative projects on the theme of E-mobility and E-health. Laboratories and partner companies of Polytech Nancy then presented their projects on these major themes in our current society. But also, demonstrations of robots were orchestrated by teams engaged in national and European competitions (Shell Eco Marathon Europe, French Cup of Robotics Fanuc).

Finally, a retrospective of the 60 years since the creation of Polytech Nancy in 1960 allowed us to recall its history.

  • The Polytech Nancy Exhibitions, where student teams presented their association. PsN members were then able to present the role of our association, how it works and its actors to the visitors of the show.

Many other teams were present, the Student Circle, the Eco Motion Team, the association "Elles Bougent" (the female engineer), … all through projects and a photo exhibition.

  • Finally, the Recruitment Workshop was intended to bring together partner companies, students, and members of Polytech Nancy in order to obtain internships and/or projects, or even engineering positions.

From 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., one of the main events of the day took place:

The alumni of the ESSTIN 2019 class were awarded their long-awaited engineering degree, presented by the administration of Polytech Nancy, which made every effort to make the day possible despite the health situation. A moment of joy for these brand new engineers who celebrated this with dignity at the gala.

The show brought together many actors.

  • Students who are members of associations, present in order to present their work to visitors. In addition to PSN, we can mention the Students' Circle, the Graduate Association (AIPN), the Eco Motion Team, the Robotic Team, Elles Bougent, …
  • The alumni of Polytech Nancy, having studied at ISIN or ESSTIN, including many prestigious names:
  • Didier Leroy: Chairman of the Board Toyota Motors Europe, CA Toyota World Director
  • Patrick Koller: Managing Director Faurecia
  • Gaetan Blaison: SOM-Ligeron Group Ortec Director
  • Thierry Chapusot: Welcoop Cooperative President, Pharmagest President
  • Grégory Tordo: Director InTech Post Luxembourg
  • Clementine Borgeot: Consultant Assistance Expert, INRS
  • Mickael Choplin: Head of Medical Engineering Applications, CHR Metz-Thionville

They all came to participate in the two roundtable discussions on E-mobility and E-health topics.

  • Finally, visitors, whether they are representatives of companies outside the school, just curious people thirsting for knowledge, or high school students who came to discover the world of engineering schools and especially those within the Polytech network, have all learned a lot on this day.

On this day the role of Polytech Services Nancy (PSN) was mainly to present, clarify, or make discover what a Junior-Enterprise (JE) is to the visitors of the show.

For this reason our stand was equipped with a screen showing a video summarizing the purpose of a JE, a kakemono, wafers, a banner, photos, and business cards, especially for business representatives.

Of course, PSN members were also present at the booth, such as Julien THOMASSIN and Natacha ORLANDO, respectively president and vice-president of PSN, and ensured the smooth running of operations.

In addition, many others were present to answer the remaining questions of visitors, such as Samuel-Charles DITTE-DESTRÉE, Head of Computer Services and Systems, Alexandre PANIGOT, Project Manager, Nathan MARTIN and Abir ATIK respectively Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer, Emilie ANDREY, Secretary General, Amina EL HARRAK, Head of Events and Network, as well as our many business managers.

The role of PSN was therefore not limited to the presentation of our structure to visitors. Members also aimed to explore and find potential future customers. Indeed, this ceremony was the ideal place to meet, discuss and negotiate with representatives of companies (partners or not of Polytech Nancy) who came in numbers to discover the events of the show.

Thus, our business managers Kenza COUKI, Youssef IFRI, Julia OCANA and Benoît MATRAT, have done everything possible (meetings with alumni of Polytech Nancy, roundtables with companies, presence at the lively meal and gala, …) to expand PSN's contacts, in order to obtain potential new projects.

The Polytech Service Nancy team warmly thanks the Polytech Nancy teams, who allowed us to participate in this wonderful day, but also all the other members of associations that have helped make it even better.